Black Lotus is the sixth published work by Laura Joh Rowland and the sixth entry in the Sano Ichirō series. It was originally published on April 1st, 2001. It was preceded by The Samurai's Wife and followed by The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria.

Official Synopsis Edit

"A fire destroys a cottage within the walled compound of the Black Lotus Temple in Edo. A man, a woman, and a little boy are dead in the ruins. The only witness is a dazed teenaged girl, found at the scene. Detective Sano Ichiro is assigned to investigate the fire. He believes the girl is guilty, but in the course of his quest for justice, he finds himself facing a formidable adversary: Reiko, his beautiful beloved wife (and mother of his young son), who believes the girl is innocent and the truth about the crimes lies within the sinister Black Lotus Sect."[1]

Dedication Edit

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Plot Edit

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Character Appearances Edit

Debut Edit

  • Sano Masahiro
  • Black Lotus
    • Haru
    • Anraku
    • Pious Truth

Reoccurring Edit

  • Ichirō Sano
  • Reiko Sano
  • Hirata
  • Midori Niu
  • Hoshina
  • Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu
  • Tokugawa Tsunayoshi
  • Priest Ryuko
  • Lady Keisho-in

Character Deaths Edit

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Locations Edit

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Glossary Edit

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Cover Variations Edit

Trivia Edit

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References Edit

  1. List of Sano Ichirō novels, Laura Joh Rowland's official website

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