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Madam Yue is the mother of Lady Wisteria

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The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria Edit

During the investigation of the murder of Lord Matsudaira Mitsuyoshi, Reiko visited Madam Yue to obtain information about Lady Wisteria's background. Madam Yue told Reiko the story of Lady Wisteria, how as a girl she was a difficult child, despite all that Madam Yue did to help her rise above in the world. She even went without to buy her daughter nice things.

When Wisteria's father died at the age of thirteen, Madam Yue met and remarried the handsome and young owner of a boatyard in the city. One day, Madam Yue came home and found her daughter and her new husband in a sexual embrace. She beat her husband away from Wisteria, thinking that her daughter was being sexually assaulted against her will. Madam Yue was stunned to find that not only was her daughter not upset, she was proud of what she had done, and told her mother that the man loved her, and that he would divorce Madam Yue and marry Wisteria instead.

Madam Yue then beat her daughter until all three of them were collapsed breathless in the room. Madam Yue the next day told Wisteria and her husband that they were going to Yoshiwara, where she sold her daughter to the highest bidder. She thought she would never see Wisteria again, until a couple of years later when she came home to find Wisteria slashing up her clothes. Wisteria informed her she had been freed from servitude, and that this was revenge for what Madam Yue had done to her as a girl. Madam Yue told her to get out, and Wisteria urinated on the shredded clothing and left in a huff. Madam Yue then told Reiko she had not seen Wisteria since.

She did tell her about an old friend of Wisteria's named Yuya who now worked in the bath houses. Before Reiko left, Madam Yue stated that Wisteria was mean and spiteful enough to have committed the murder, and that she would be willing to say so at Wisteria's trial.

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