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Minami Hideo was the proprietor and owner of the Half Moon Pleasure House, a brothel where the courtesan known as Peony worked prior to being murdered.  Described as a bulldog of a man, he confronted Sano Ichirō when he came to the brothel looking for Peony. Minami then called Peony over, then hit her when it was discovered she had stolen a silk fan from one of the higher level courtesans she was waiting on. He then drags her to an empty room where she can be questioned by Sano. It is revealed that when Peony was brought to Nagasaki after charges of theft, Minami treated her badly upon it being revealed she was stealing from customers and the other courtesans. He forced Peony to dance and expose herself in a shameful way to clients, and threatened her if she did not comply. Minami was later accosted by Sano when Peony was found dead in the Half Moon Pleasure House, seemingly killed by her own hand. He was less concerned about the dead Peony then the effect it would have on his customers and his business.

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