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Niu Masamune was a daimyō reigning over the Satsuma and Osumi Provinces.

Physical Description Edit

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Personality Edit

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Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

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The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria Edit

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Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He was married at least twice. His second wife was only known as Lady Niu. He was also the father of Niu Masahito, Niu Yukiko, Niu Midori and Niu Keiko. Of the four, only Masahito was a child of Lady Niu, while the three daughters were children of an unnamed concubine. During the investigation of Yukiko's murder he was not in Edo, leaving Masahito as Lord Niu in Edo.

Friends/Allies Edit

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Enemies Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He possessed one of the closest yashiki to Edo Castle due to his wealth and power.
  • As his family was one of those that lost in The Battle of Sekigahara he could not obtain a government post.
  • The family symbol is a red dragonfly within a red circle that is painted on a white banner.

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