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Niu Midori is the daughter of Niu Masamune.

Physical Description Edit

She has a young girl’s face, with plump cheeks, full lips, a round chin and long straight hair.

Personality Edit

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Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

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Shinjū Edit

Midori mourned over the death of her sister and was convinced that her sister did not kill herself and certainly did not have any contacts with men. To find a proof for this and discover why her sister had behaved differently in the last months before her death she searched for Yukiko's diaries. Having found them she read that something had disturbed Yukiko and troubled her greatly. While reading the diaries she was caught by Lady Niu and put under house-arrest.

After being caught, Midori was sent away to a nunnery in an isolated area of Japan called Hakone, where she could not cause trouble for her family. Ichirō Sano desperately needed her help, and journeyed to Hakone to find her. When he arrived at the nunnery, he at first was turned away by the abbess of the temple, who insisted that Midori was not there. But upon leaving the main building, a shaven Midori came running down the steps after him. At first she was only concerned with her lack of what she had, but then was able to inform Sano of what she had read in Yukiko's diary. She then regretfully informed Sano that Lady Niu had burned the diary of Yukiko, thus there was no physical proof of what she had read in the diary. She did tell Sano that Yukiko was troubled by something that Masahito had done, and that the penalty for it if anyone found out was death. After revealing this information to Sano, Midori left him to reenter the convent, but not before telling Sano she wanted her sister's death avenged.

After Sano saved Tsunayoshi Tokugawa from death, one of the favors he asked for in exchange for saving him was for Midori to be released from the convent and sent back to Edo.

The Snow Empress Edit

When Reiko makes it clear that she intends to go to Hokkaido with Sano to rescue her son, Masahiro, Midori offers to watch Akiko while she is away. Hirata at this point has been away from Midori for a year, and she is not sure when or if he will return to her.

Later Life Edit

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Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She was the sister of Yukiko and Keiko, as well as the half-sister of Masahito. Midori later became the wife of Sano's assistant, Hirata, and the mother of three children.

Friends/Allies Edit

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Enemies Edit

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