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The Okubata Fine Arts Company is a shop on Gallery Street in Yoshiwara. It is owned and run by Okubata.

Description Edit

The entrance was partially shielded from the street by a curtain. The shop was small, a single room with racks of prints crowding its floor and walls, which were hidden by more prints. The landscape pictures it offered were poorly drawn, with garish colors slightly out of register so that each picture was a blurred multiple image. But the shop was famous for its shungas - erotic art pictures. Most of them were drawn by Noriyoshi, during his time at the shop.

A dim passageway at the back of the shop led to the working and leaving quarters of the artists working for Cherry Eater. The passageway led to a narrow dirt courtyard. One side was bounded by the wall of the shop next door. Along the other ran a flimsy shed-like building with a narrow veranda. At the back, a privy, a woodpile, and a row of ceramic storage urns stood against a bamboo fence. The bitter, acrid smell of ink overlaid the more familiar odors of sewage and sawdust. The shed contained four identical cubicles, which were inhabited by the artists. The rooms were very small; the desk against one wall took up much of the floor and left just enough space for a man to sleep.

History Edit

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Events Edit

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Known Inhabitants Edit

Current Edit

  • Okubata

Previous Edit

References Edit

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