Red Chrysanthemum is the eleventh book by Laura Joh Rowland in the Sano Ichirō mysteries series. It was published in August 1st, 2006. It was preceded by The Assassin's Touch and followed by The Snow Empress.

Official SynopsisEdit

"Japan, 1698. Sano Ichiro may be a samurai sleuth and the shogun’s trusted advisor, but his growing power at court makes him—and his family—a target for treachery. And this time a gruesome discovery brings especially tough questions. Lord Mori, heir to the shogun, is found grotesquely mutilated and murdered—with Sano’s pregnant wife, Reiko, lying beside him naked and covered in blood. Sano himself is having trouble believing Reiko’s hazy alibi. As Sano seeks the truth behind the Rashomon-like accounts of the murder, the stakes are almost unbearably high, and the only piece of evidence is a white chrysanthemum—stained red with blood."[1]


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Character AppearancesEdit


  • Lady Mori


Character DeathsEdit

  • Lord Mori


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Glossary Edit

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Cover VariationsEdit


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  1. List of Sano Ichiro books

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