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The Assassin's Touch is the 10th novel by Laura Joh Rowland and the 10th entry in the Sano Ichirō series.

Official Synopsis Edit

"During a horse race at Edo Castle the shogun's chief intelligence officer drops dead as his horse gallops across the finish line—the fourth in a series of sudden deaths among high ranking officials. Sano Ichiro, now the shogun's second in command, is asked to investigate.

Meanwhile, his wife Reiko investigates the mystery of an outcast woman accused of murder. A single fingerprint and an unexpected connection between the two cases puts Sano on the trail of an underground movement to overthrow the regime, and in the path of an assassin with a deadly touch."[1]

Dedication Edit

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Plot Edit

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Character Appearances Edit

Debut Edit

Reoccurring Edit

Character Deaths Edit

  • The Ghost

Locations Edit

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Glossary Edit

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Cover Variations Edit

Trivia Edit

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References Edit

  1. The Assassin's Touch, Laura Joh Rowland's official website

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