The Cloud Pavilion is the fourteenth book by Laura Joh Rowland in the Sano Ichirō mysteries series. It was first published on October 27th, 2009. It was preceded by The Fire Kimono and followed by The Ronin's Mistress.

Official SynopsisEdit

"Japan, 1701. A woman is brutally attacked within a nightmarish storm of swirling clouds. Meanwhile, at Edo Castle, samurai detective turned chamberlain Sano Ichiro is suspicious of his old rival, Yanagisawa, who has been oddly cooperative since returning from exile. But just as Yanagisawa's true motives begin to emerge, Sano's estranged uncle comes to him for help: His daughter has disappeared, and he begs Sano to find her before it is too late."[1]


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Character AppearancesEdit


  • Chiyo

Reoccurring Edit

Character DeathsEdit

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Glossary Edit

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Cover VariationsEdit


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  1. List of Sano Ichiro books

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