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The Laura Joh Rowland Wiki is an open-resource catalogue of the works of Laura Joh Rowland. Anything from the life of Sano Ichirō to the world of Charlotte Brontë to the author herself can be found here.

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Likeness first edition (2017)

A Mortal Likeness is the 22nd novel by Laura Joh Rowland and the second novel in the Sarah Bain series. It was released on January 9th, 2018.

A photographer in 1889 London, Miss Sarah Bain runs a private detective agency with her friends, Lord Hugh Staunton and former street urchin Mick O'Reilly. Their sole credential is that they solved the Jack the Ripper case, a secret they can never tell because they did it outside the boundaries of the law. Their new big case arises when a wealthy banker, Sir Gerald Mariner, posts a handsome reward for finding his missing infant. All of London joins in the search. But Sarah has an advantage--a photograph she took during a routine surveillance job, which unexpectedly reveals a clue about the kidnapping.

After Sir Gerald hires Sarah, Hugh, and Mick to find his son, they move into his opulent mansion, where they discover a photograph of baby Robin. It eerily resembles postmortem photographs taken of deceased children posed to look as if they're alive. Was the kidnapping real, or a cover-up for a murder? Is the perpetrator a stranger, or someone inside the troubled Mariner family? The case hits close to home for Sarah as it intertwines with her search for her father, who disappeared after he became the prime suspect in a murder twenty-three years ago. She finds herself on the wrong side of the law, which threatens her budding romance with Police Constable Barrett. But Sarah must uncover the truth about Robin's kidnapping, and her own family, before her past catches up to her.



November 22nd, 2017: On her Facebook page, Rowland teased her latest project: "A Guide to Victorian Death Rites", a graphic novel set to be released some time after A Mortal Likeness is published.
November 14th, 2017: A Mortal Likeness is available for preorder now! Visit official website for links to bookstores where you can preorder the novel. A Mortal Likeness is set for release on January 9th, 2018.
June 5th, 2017: Rowland teased her next book, A Mortal Likeness, on her Facebook page.
March 14th, 2017: On March 16th, Rowland will be co-hosting a panel discussion called "Women in Crime Fiction." It will start at 7:00 P.M. and will be held at the Center for Fiction. 17 East 47th Street, Manhattan.

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