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The Ripper's Shadow is the 21st novel by Laura Joh Rowland and the first entry in the Sarah Bain series.

Official Synopsis Edit

"It's 1888, the year of Jack the Ripper, the most famous serial killer in history. Modern forensic science hasn't been invented yet, and the police are powerless to stop the Ripper as he haunts the foggy streets, brutally slays one prostitute after another, and terrifies all of London. Enter Miss Sarah Bain, a photographer in Whitechapel, a solitary, independent woman with dark secrets. One of her secrets is that she supplements her meager income by taking illegal "boudoir photographs" of prostitutes. Sarah is the only person who knows that the Ripper isn't choosing his victims randomly—he's targeting her models. As she conducts her own private investigation into the murders, she clashes with Police Constable Barrett, who has his own personal reason for wanting to catch the Ripper. She acquires a motley crew of friends: Lord Hugh Staunton, a gay nobleman; Mick O'Reilly, a street urchin; Catherine Price, a budding young actress; and Abraham Lipsky, a Jewish butcher, and his wife Rachel. They band together with Sarah to solve the Crime of the Century. In the process, Sarah embarks on a personal journey that teaches her the meaning of friendship and uncovers clues to the mystery of her own past."[1]

Dedication Edit

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Historical Note Edit

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Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

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Character Deaths Edit

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References Edit

  1. The Ripper's Shadow, Laura Joh Rowland's official website

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