The Samurai's Wife
Wife english first edition (2000)
Author: Laura Joh Rowland
Cover Artist: Unknown
Publication Information
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Release Date: April 1st, 2000
Pages: 203
ISBN: 9780312203252
Previous: The Concubine's Tattoo
Next: Black Lotus

The Samurai's Wife is the fifth book in the Sano Ichirō series. It was originally published on April 1st, 2000. It was preceded by The Concubine's Tattoo and followed by Black Lotus.

Official SynopsisEdit

"While investigating a high-level murder in Miyako, the Imperial Capital, samurai detective Sano Ichiro and his wife Lady Reiko undertake a desperate search for a killer whose method is as terrifying as it is elusive: Only the most powerful warriors possess the secret of kiai, the "spirit cry" that can kill a man with a scream. Surrounded by treachery and mounting danger, Sano and Reiko must find safe passage through the mazes of court intrigue—and the machinations of their enemy, Chamberlain Yanagisawa—before the repercussions of the violence in Miyako can destroy the entire nation."[1]


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Character AppearancesEdit


  • Hoshina


Character DeathsEdit

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Glossary Edit

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Cover VariationsEdit


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  1. List of Sano Ichiro books

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